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Inked: A Tale of Love Ready for Pre-Order on App Store

On November 7th, Inked: A Tale of Love, a game initially launched on PC in 2018, has released the first look of its new mobile version through a short trailer on Indie Live Expo. According to Somnium Games, the creator of Inked, the game will be a premium mobile game with no IAP, and it is scheduled to launch in Q1 2021.

Nominated for Special Selection in Infogamer by Reboot and Best Visuals in Reboot Develop 2016, Inked was universally acclaimed and received recognition from critics for its PC version. The new mobile version will feature new puzzles and an upgraded storyline to give the audience a refreshing and touching experience on their phones.

Inked has launched its pre-order on App Store on November 7th 2020, and is priced at USD 2.99 during the pre-order phase (USD 3.99 after launch). More details about the game is expected to be released in January 2021 before its official launch.

About Inked: Inked is a tale of love and redemption told in ink and paper. In the game, the players will play as the Nameless Hero who sets out on a journey in a vast landscape filled with puzzles for them to solve. Each puzzle takes the players closer to their lost love, unraveling a story that's heart-warming and enchanting.

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